About Us!




Pampered Pet Delivery is a family owned business serving Calgary and area since December 2017. We're small, but excited and growing. My wife and I live in Tuscany and have four boys who you may see helping out. We are animal lovers and have a dog, Piper, who was the inspiration behind Pampered Pet Delivery. 

We love Piper and have had her since she was a puppy. We love taking her to the dog park, playing fetch, and hide-and-go-seek. It's important to us that she has good nutrition and her fair share of treats are nice too. 

With our boys in all sorts of activities and living a busy life like everyone else, we found that too frequently we were running out of dog food. Even when we remembered, there was never a convenient time to make a trip to the pet store. 

So, we decided to launch Pampered Pet Delivery. We know that you're busy too! With our free home delivery service you can enjoy more time at the dog park, and less time at the pet store. You will never run out of food or have to think about it again. 



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